Welcome to Faith Tabernacle Church Marietta GA

We are happy to have you on our website!  “The Faith Tabernacle Church International” is a non-denomination, God fearing, believing Christian Church in Marietta GA. Come and have some good times with the Word and power of God through Biblical faith preaching, praise and worship. Our mandate speaks of bringing out from captivity in all forms of human existence.

This mandate came to God’s servant Pastor.Eugene Ngole in 2009: “When I had a vision where I saw myself in a place like a desert, the land was so dry that no crop could grow. I saw women tiling the dry soil under hot sun and children moving to school. In that bad situation I saw a group of military armed men coming with guns, and the commander gave an order for his men to shoot and kill all the women and children. Immediately I stepped up and yelled ‘Stop in the name of Jesus Christ!’  He said the second time for them to shoot. This time I pointed directly to them and said, ‘Stop and drop your guns now!’ They all obeyed with their commander drop all their guns to the ground. I called all of them and said, ‘No more killing!’ I gave a praise song and all the women, children and military men joined me and together we were praising God. BRING GOD’S PEOPLE OUT FROM CAPTIVITY. ”

Pastor.Eugene Ngole
Presiding Apostle of The Faith Tabernacle Church International Marietta, GA