This Unit functions include; friendly and generous reception, entertainment of guests and visitors, or strangers and etc. Members are God fearing individuals working unanimously to create welcoming atmosphere during the church service.


Welcomes worshipers and directs them to their respective seats. Assist in whatever capacity to ensure that they are comfortable and that their needs are met during the service e.g. directions to the toilet, assistance to nursing mothers e.t.c. Maintaining order during meetings and services Removal or minimizing distractions such as crying babies or ringing mobile phones during service. Co-ordinate flow/direction of people during ministrations and specialized services. Liaise with other departments in inter related activities.


The Choir ministers to the people in praise, worship and also special songs in all church meetings and services. As the choir leads the congregation into the high praises of God and ultimately his presence, God himself comes down with his blessings, Psalm 22:3. We use the instrumentality of music to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Children’s Ministry

The Children‘s church is designed to assist the children with developing a real relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the person of the Holy Spirit by teaching them the word of faith.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Help the children to develop their identity in Christ
  • Encourage them to children develop an understanding of God’s Purpose and plan for their lives
  • Help the children to discover and use the gifts (spiritual, physical and mental) that God has deposited in them.
  • Providing learning in a fun-filled, child-centered, Christ dominated environment.

Family Ministry

The family ministry is built to assist rebuild families and making them to become more committed and stronger in the Lord and to see into their spiritual growth, help to strengthen widows and widowers in the Church and communities.

Youth Ministry

The youth ministry is to build up young boys and girls to become committed disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and leaders of tomorrow.